About service

Mytastytrip - is a service where you can find authentic restorants with dishes from specific cuisines and countries. We analyzed a lot of information sources, divided the food into kitchens, and now, if you are traveling to any country, you can see what dishes are popular there and where you can eat them. You can also use the website during the weekend at home.

List of World Cuisine

How it works


Choose a kitchen

Each kitchen is a separate small site containing a list of popular dishes and restaurants

Choose a dish

Each kitchen has a limited list of popular dishes from a particular country. You will be able to briefly see what the dish looks like and decide whether you want to try it or not

Choose a restaurant

Places where you can taste them are constantly added to each dish. You can choose the location that best suits your wishes.

About Us

We are a team of people who love to travel and explore the world around them, local food that comes across while traveling. Below there are link to our youtube project about world food.

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