Hungarian food

What to try in Hungary

Popular dishes of traditional Hungarian cuisine, which can be found while traveling in Hungary or visiting authentic Hungarian restaurants.
Gulyás, Gulyásleves
National authentic Hungarian dishes with veal or beef stewed with onions on smoked lard, potatoes, red paprika and spicy red pepper.
Lángos, Lalanga
A popular not only among tourists but also locals thin flat bread dough, fried in butter and seasoned with sour cream and grated cheese.
Kürtőskalács, Kürtős kalács
Hungarian traditional sweet pastry made from cylinder yeast dough. During baking, sprinkle with sugar, it is caramelized, then rolled out in cinnamon or cocoa, coconut, chocolate or ground nuts.
Hungarian dish of stewed tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices. Often the meal is served with homemade smoked sausage or smoked meat.
Pörkölt, Hungarian Stew
National Hungarian dish of pork, beef, chicken or lamb stew in sweet paprika sauce with onions.
Halászlé, Fish Soup, Fisherman's soup
Traditional old Hungarian carp fish soup with vegetables and lots of hot paprika. Also prepared from fish assortment: carp, pike, catfish, pike perch.
Rakott Krumpli, Кakott burgonya, Potato Casserole
Ancient Hungarian dish of baked layers of boiled potatoes, smoked sausage, eggs, cream, bacon and spices.
Palacsinta, Palatschinke, Pancake
The thin pancakes made of flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar and soda. There may be a variety of fillings, sweet and savory (meat, mushrooms, cheese, jam).
Rétes, Strudel
The traditional confection of soft and elastic dough with a large variety of fillings: apples, cherries, cheese, nuts or poppy seeds.
Marcipán , Marzipan
The traditional confection of almond flour and sugar syrup. Make a variety of candies, figures for cakes and pastries. Can be stuffed without, pour chocolate or a variety of glazes.
Paprikás, Paprikash
Traditional Hungarian cuisine with stewed chicken, pork, fish or beef with onions and peppers in cream with red paprika. In Hungary's most popular chicken paprikash.
The traditional vegetable soup, fried with flour and sour cream. Can be prepared with various vegetables, peas, peppers, potatoes, sauerkraut, tomatoes, carrots, lentils or beans.
Töltött Káposzta, Cabbage roll
Hungarian cuisine with sauerkraut, minced meat and rice, stewed onions and spices, wrapped in cabbage leaves.
Dobos torte, Dobosh
The traditional cake named after the author Jozsef Dobosh dessert. Prepared with biscuit translated chocolate cream and caramel icing.
Nokedli, Spätzle, galuska, haluska
Hungarian cuisine, pasta from soft dough, cut into small pieces. Served with meat dishes.
Kifli, Crescent
Bakery pastry dough in a crescent with sweet fillings: grated poppy seeds with sugar, jam or grated nuts.
Libamáj, Goose Liver
Traditional Hungarian specialty gourmet goose liver with. This dish can be baked, fried, cooked in a water bath or as a paste.
Krémes, Cremeschnitte
Popular cake in Hungary, puff pastry, vanilla cream and whipped cream. It is also popular in other European countries: Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Pogácsa, Pogača
Popular Hungarian pastry with pastry. Maybe potato, with bacon or cheese. Serve after meals or with soups.
Madártej, Floating island, Bird's milk
Popular in Hungary dessert with meringue, custard and vanilla. The dish is served chilled.
Bejgli, Poppy seed roll
Friable pastry dough wrapped stuffed with roasted poppy seeds with sugar or walnuts.
Mákos Guba, Makówki, Mákos gubó
Hungarian white bread dessert is layered with layers of grated poppy seeds and filled with warm milk. It can be flavored with sugar, honey, vanilla, cinnamon or rum.
Fánk, Bagel
Hungarian pastry made from yeast dough, inside with jam, fried in a large amount of oil. After cooling, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Fasírt, Fasírozott, Frikadelle
One of the most commonly consumed Hungarian meat dishes from minced pork, eggs and spices. Served with potatoes or Fozelek.
Gesztenyepüré, Chestnut puree
One of the most popular and beloved desserts in Hungary, chestnuts boiled in milk and vanilla blended in mashed potatoes. Served with lots of whipped cream.
Túrógombóc, Cottage Cheese Dumplings
Hungarian dessert of cottage cheese, flour, eggs and sugar. With cheese dough and form small balls fried in a lot of oil until golden brown. Served with sour cream and powdered sugar.
Somlói galuska, Somló
The most famous traditional Hungarian dessert made of several layers of biscuit dough, custard, whipped cream and syrup.
Töltött Paprika, Stuffed Peppers
The traditional dish of peeled peppers packed minced meat, rice, braised onions and spices. Served with sour cream.
Tarhonya, Egg barley, egg drops
Ancient traditional homemade pasta of Hungarian cuisine, which have an arbitrary shape. Served with stew or stewed vegetables.
Lekvár , Jam
Very thick ripe fruit jam: apricot, peach, strawberry, plum, prunes, raspberries, cherries, and apples. Adds to a variety of pastries and cakes.