Hungarian food


Lángos, Lalanga
A popular not only among tourists but also locals thin flat bread dough, fried in butter and seasoned with sour cream and grated cheese.


Pogácsa, Pogača
Popular Hungarian pastry with pastry. Maybe potato, with bacon or cheese. Serve after meals or with soups.


Körözött, Liptauer
Snack mix with cottage cheese and butter, red peppers and other spices. Use for sandwiches, toast or biscuits.


Töpörtyű, Tepertő, Pork rind
Hungarian dish of pieces of lard with skin, fried to a crisp and golden color.

Hungarian sausages

Magyar kolbász
A huge variety of sausages. They can be boiled, fresh, dried and smoked with different spices and flavors. Sausages are added to many Hungarian dishes.

Hungarian Cheese

Magyar sajt
Cheese products made from sheep's, cow's and goat's milk, the traditional Hungarian recipes.


Libatepertő, Crackling
Popular goose or duck skin appetizer, fried to golden brown. Available in markets and stores.

Stefania Szelet

Stefánia szelet, Vagdalt, Meatloaf
Baked minced pork roll with milk, red pepper and boiled eggs inside.