Hungarian food


Hungarian dish of stewed tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices. Often the meal is served with homemade smoked sausage or smoked meat.


Pörkölt, Hungarian Stew
National Hungarian dish of pork, beef, chicken or lamb stew in sweet paprika sauce with onions.

Rakott Krumpli

Rakott Krumpli, Кakott burgonya, Potato Casserole
Ancient Hungarian dish of baked layers of boiled potatoes, smoked sausage, eggs, cream, bacon and spices.


Paprikás, Paprikash
Traditional Hungarian cuisine with stewed chicken, pork, fish or beef with onions and peppers in cream with red paprika. In Hungary's most popular chicken paprikash.

Toltott Kaposzta

Töltött Káposzta, Cabbage roll
Hungarian cuisine with sauerkraut, minced meat and rice, stewed onions and spices, wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Foie gras

Libamáj, Goose Liver
Traditional Hungarian specialty gourmet goose liver with. This dish can be baked, fried, cooked in a water bath or as a paste.


Nokedli, Spätzle, galuska, haluska
Hungarian cuisine, pasta from soft dough, cut into small pieces. Served with meat dishes.


Fasírt, Fasírozott, Frikadelle
One of the most commonly consumed Hungarian meat dishes from minced pork, eggs and spices. Served with potatoes or Fozelek.

Toltott paprika

Töltött Paprika, Stuffed Peppers
The traditional dish of peeled peppers packed minced meat, rice, braised onions and spices. Served with sour cream.


Tarhonya, Egg barley, egg drops
Ancient traditional homemade pasta of Hungarian cuisine, which have an arbitrary shape. Served with stew or stewed vegetables.

Turos Csusza

Túrós Csusza , Cheese Noodles
Traditional Hungarian dish of homemade random noodles sprinkled with cow or sheep cheese, fried in Pork rind and sour cream.

Rаntott Sajt

Rántott Sajt, Cașcaval pane, Fried Cheese
Dish with slices of cheese, breaded, first in flour, then in egg and bread crumbs. Fried in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Hortobagyi palacsinta

Hortobágyi palacsinta
Traditional Hungarian dishes. Pancakes stuffed with minced beef meat stewed with onions, spices and baked in a sauce of paprika and sour cream.


Traditional Hungarian dish of stewed beef, onions, mushrooms, goose liver, beans, asparagus, green parsley, and sour cream can be added.

Szegedin Goulash

Székelygulyás, Szegedin Goulash
Hungarian cuisine with sauerkraut, pork stewed with onions and red pepper. Serve with sour cream.