Hungarian food


Gulyás, Gulyásleves
National authentic Hungarian dishes with veal or beef stewed with onions on smoked lard, potatoes, red paprika and spicy red pepper.


Halászlé, Fish Soup, Fisherman's soup
Traditional old Hungarian carp fish soup with vegetables and lots of hot paprika. Also prepared from fish assortment: carp, pike, catfish, pike perch.


The traditional vegetable soup, fried with flour and sour cream. Can be prepared with various vegetables, peas, peppers, potatoes, sauerkraut, tomatoes, carrots, lentils or beans.

Ujhazi tyukhusleves

Újházi tyúkleves, Chicken Soup
Traditional Hungarian food made with rooster or chicken, vegetables, homemade noodles, ginger and various spices. Named after famous Hungarian actor Ede Uyhazi.


Meggyleves, Sour Cherry Soup
Traditional Hungarian cuisine cold soup with whole fresh cherries, cream and sugar, can add cloves, cinnamon or wine. The dish is prepared mainly in summer.

Jokai bableves

Jókai bableves, Jókai bean soup
National Hungarian cuisine soup with beans, smoked sausages, smoked meat, vegetables, red peppers and other spices.