Slovak food

What dishes to try in Slovakia

Popular dishes of traditional Slovak cuisine, which can be found while traveling in Slovakia or visiting authentic Slovak restaurants.
Bryndzové halušky
Slovak national dish cooked slices of potato dough mixed with sheep cheese (cheese) and fried bacon seasoned. A common addition to dumplings are cup sour milk or mustard.
Kapustnica, Cabbage soup, Kapuśniak, Kwaśnica
Traditional Slovak soup made of sauerkraut, smoked ham, sausage, mushrooms and various spices. Usually cooked in the winter, but in traditional cuisine restaurants can be found at any time of the year.
Halušky, Potato dumplings, Haluška, Cuse, Glgačke
Traditional Slovak cuisine made from flour or potato dough cooked with small pieces in water. Once cooked, they are mixed with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, butter, cabbage, onions, or combinations thereof.
Lokše, Pancakes
Traditional Slovak pancake boiled potatoes with flour and salt. Can be made stuffed with meat or sauerkraut. Sweet smeared with jam, sprinkle with poppy seeds and sugar.
Parené buchty , Dampfnudel
Traditional steamed yeast rolls. Can be plum stuffed. They are added to the dish or as a dessert.
Strapačky , Kapustové halušky, Strapačky s kapustou
Traditional Slovak dish of boiled slices of potato dough mixed with steamed chopped sauerkraut and small pieces of fried bacon. Grated cheese can also be added on top.
Trdelník, Trdlo, Trozkol, Kürtőskalács
Traditional Slovak pastry made from yeast dough wrapped around a stick. Roast on fire or bake in a special oven, sprinkle with sugar when baking, and then with mixed chopped nuts with cinnamon.
Bryndzové Pirohy, Sheep Cheese Dumplings
Traditional Slovak dish is made from potato dough stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and sheep’s cheese. Formed dumplings are boiled in salted water. Serve with fried bacon, sprinkle with dill and onions and add sour cream.
Strúdľa, Závin, Strudel
Popular in Slovakia baking sheet in the form of rolls of dough with various sweet fillings: poppy seeds, poppy seeds and cherry, cheese and raisins, apples.
Vyprážaný syr, Smažený sýr
The traditional Slovak dish with slices of cheese breaded in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, fried in a pan or in a deep fryer. Often it is served with salad, red cabbage or potatoes.
Ryžový nákyp, Rice Pudding
Popular Slovak dessert made from rice, milk, vanilla and sugar. Can be added various canned fruit: plums, peaches, cherries.
Zemiakové placky, Potato pancake
The traditional Slovak cuisine, pancakes of grated potatoes, eggs and flour fried with oil on both sides until golden brown. Served with sour cream.
Slovak traditional herbal liqueur based on 14 types of herbs, spices and honey. Make four types of liquor: bitter, sweet, cranberry and dark.
Bábovka, Gugelhopf, Guglhupf, Kugelhopf
A popular cake in Slovakia with flour of two colors. Dark color with cocoa. After baking, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Sweet baked pudding with apples and white bread soaked in sweetened milk. Apples sprinkled with sugar, vanilla sugar, ground cinnamon or raisins.
Cesnaková polievka, Garlic soup
Slovak soup with garlic, potatoes, onion and spices. Preferably bread served in a sauce with bread or toast.
Fazuľová polievka, Fazulovica
Popular dish of Slovak cuisine. Soup cooked on smoked ribs with beans, onions, potatoes, carrots, celery, paprika and dried garlic. Can be served with smoked sausage pieces.
Šúľance, Kokošky
Traditional Slovak dish of potato dough cooked with small oblong slices in water. Served with butter, sugar and poppy seeds. Also goes well with nuts or fried breadcrumbs.
Traditional Slovak dessert with whipped cream and sugar, the possible addition of vanilla, coconut or almond. Two small round Bizet, combine cream.
Mäsové guľky, Meat Balls
A dish of ground beef or a mixture of pork and beef, onions and spices. Form balls and stew in tomato sauce with spices. Serve with pasta or mashed potatoes.
Slovenské syry, Slovak Cheese
Traditional cheese made from sheep's, cow's and goat's milk. Popular are: ostiepok, cheese, korbacik, parenytsya.
Segedin goulash
Popular in Slovakia dish of stewed pieces of pork, sauerkraut, onions, red peppers and other spices. Serve as a separate dish or side dish.
Slovenské pivo
Traditional Slovak beverage made from cereals with hops. Most often they are made from malted barley, although they also use wheat, corn and rice.
Tatranský čaj, Tatra Tea
Slovakia's national alcoholic beverage, a combination of tea, herbal extract and strong alcohol. Herbal liqueur is from 22% to 72% strength. You can drink warm or add ice.
Držková polievka, Držková,Tripe Soup
Popular thick soup of Slovak cuisine with bits of cow's stomach, potatoes for thickening, vegetables and red peppers. Considered a good hangover remedy.
Bratislavské rožky
Traditional and ancient Slovak baked dough in the form of cones with sweet poppy or walnut filling.
Slivovica, Slivovitz, Slivovitz, Slivovitza
National liquor Slovak cuisine, prepared from fermented plum juice. It has a distinctive fruity aroma and taste.
Šošovicový prívarok, Lentil soup
Traditional Slovak cuisine cooked with lentils, cream, thyme, garlic and other spices. Served with fried egg or smoked sausage.
Orechovník , Nut roll
Popular Slovak pastry dough in the form of roll with sweet filling of chopped walnuts.
Slovak traditional soup made from cheese mashed potatoes, cream and red pepper. Serve with fried onions with smoked bacon.