Ukrainian food

What dishes to try in Ukraine

Popular dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, which can be found while traveling in Ukraine or visiting authentic Ukrainian restaurants.
Борщ, Borsch, borshch, borsht, bortsch
The most popular and traditional Ukrainian dishes from beets, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions and spices. There are many recipes for soup, served with sour cream and donuts with garlic.
Вареники, boiled dough, filled dumplings
National and traditional Ukrainian dishes of flour dough with various sweet and savory fillings, potatoes, cheese, stewed sauerkraut, cheese, cherries, plums. By salty dumplings served fried onions with bacon and sour cream.
A top Ukrainian traditional appetizer of salted pork fat solid. Often eaten small thin slices of bread, garlic and pickled vegetables.
Пампухи, Пампушки, Pampukh, Pampukha
Traditional Ukrainian loose, fluffy bun dough, round shape. Buns fried in a lot of oil. There may be a variety of sweet fillings and without, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Галушки, Dumplings,Nokedli, Spätzle
Ukrainian national dish of boiled dough in the form of balls or squares, boiled in salted water. It can be supplied with soup or as a separate dish with sour cream and butter.
Млинці, Pancake
Ukrainian cuisine from liquid dough fried in a pan thin cakes. May have different toppings: mushrooms, meat, with cheese, with different fruits. Usually served with sour cream, sweet watered jam or honey.
Банош, Бануш, Banusz
Ukrainian traditional dish of cornmeal cooked in freshly sour cream or cream, with the addition of cheese. Served with fried slices of smoked bacon.
Деруни, Potato pancake, latkes,
Popular Ukrainian dishes with grated potatoes and onions, eggs and flour. Fry little cakes until golden brown. Serve with cream or mushroom sauce.
Пляцки, tort, cake
Ukrainian traditional dessert confection cakes translated several layers of fillings and creams. There are many types Pie with different types of tortillas and fillings.
An ancient Ukrainian dish of boiled buckwheat, minced meat, fried from onions and carrots, and spices. Small cutlets are formed from the mixture and fried in oil on both sides. Then cutlets are stewed in tomato or sour cream sauce.
Голубці, Cabbage roll
Popular Ukrainian cuisine, prepared from the leaves of sauerkraut packed with a mixture of rice, ground meat, onions and carrots. Can be with different fillings, depending on the region, with buckwheat, corn or millet grains, potatoes, beans, mushrooms.
Сирники, cheese pancakes
Traditional Ukrainian cuisine made from home-made cheese, wheat flour, eggs, sugar and salt. Small pancakes are formed and fried in oil. Served with sour cream, jam or honey.
Бринза, Бриндза
The most popular type of cheese made from sheep's, cow's or goat's milk, widely usable in Ukrainian cuisine. Added to various foods while cooking or sprinkled on ready. It can vary in taste, color and technology preparation.
Кров'янка, Кров'яна ковбаса, Кашанка, Кишка, Blood Sausage, Blood pudding, Black pudding
Traditional Ukrainian product in the form of sausage made from a mixture of semi buckwheat, meat, pork blood, fat, onions and spices. The product is smoked or boiled and then fried in lard.
Курячий бульйон, Chicken Broth
Dish Ukrainian traditional cuisine, chicken soup cooked with onions, carrots and spices. Served with noodles and greens.
Холодець, Aspic
National Cold Ukrainian dishes cooked using boiling bones and meat for 5-8 hours with salt, pepper and other spices. The meat separated from the bones and pour a thick broth. Broth solidifies and forms a jelly.
Гречана каша, Buckwheat Porridge
Popular Ukrainian dishes with buckwheat cooked in salted water. Serve as a side dish to meat or fish, and can be made with milk and sugar.
Калач, Kalács, Kolach, Colac, Колач
Traditional pastries in Ukraine bound and twisted wheat dough with a hole in the middle. Previously, only some baked holiday. Maybe on top sprinkled with poppy or sesame seeds.
Картопля по-селянськи, Potato wedges
A popular dish in Ukraine made from baked potatoes with a puff cut into oblong slices. Fill different spices with oil. Garlic is squeezed into the finished potatoes, herbs are added and stirred.
Капусняк, Cabbage soup
Traditional Ukrainian dishes of sauerkraut with smoked or fresh meat, vegetables and spices. There are many recipes, but is the foundation of sauerkraut dishes.
Кулеша, Токан, мамалига, Mamaliga, Tokan
Ukrainian dishes cooked with corn grits in salted water. Perhaps as a separate dish or addition to the main. Serve with bacon, fried onions, cheese, sour cream or cheese.
Цвіклі, Бурячки, Buryachky
Traditional Ukrainian dish of boiled beets, grated horseradish and with spices. It has a sharp taste and submitted to jelly, sausage, ham or fish.
Грибна юшка, Mushroom Soup
Traditional Ukrainian food, rich soup with fresh or dried mushrooms, onions, carrots and spices. It can be made with noodles and greens. There are many recipes with different ingredients.
Домашня ковбаса, Homemade Sausage
Ancient traditional dish in Ukraine, made from minced meat of pork, slices of bacon, garlic and spices such as: salt, black and sweet pepper, coriander. Products for smoked over fruit wood, giving the sausage a unique flavor and aroma.
Котлета по-київськи, Chicken Kiev
Dish of Ukrainian cuisine made from spicy chicken fillet. A piece of butter is wrapped inside, a fillet is rolled into a roll, and it is breaded in eggs and breadcrumbs and fried.
Українські сири
Great variety cheese products produced by different recipes and techniques from goat, cow and sheep milk. Cheese production is developing in Ukraine, with more and more craft cheese making appearing every year.
not filled dumplings, potato fingers
Traditional Ukrainian dishes from potato dough boiled in salted water, in the form of small beads. Serve with fried onions with bacon and cream served separately.
Зелений борщ, Green Soup, Sorrel soup
Ukrainian traditional dish with pieces of pork, fresh leaves of sorrel, potatoes, onions, carrots and seasonings. Usually served with sour cream and boiled egg cut in half.
Українські ковбаси
A large variety of traditional meat products Ukrainian cuisine with minced meat cooked by different recipes and techniques.
Popular Ukrainian dishes of pork fried with onions and spices, potatoes, carrots. Then it is baked in a pot. There are many recipes.